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Getting “real” about what’s REALLY going on inside our gut isn’t easy. We stuff down the pain & the embarrassment and try to put on a smile. We use euphemisms and excuses to explain what’s going on and skirt around the real issue.

The problem with this is that chronic digestions causes MILLIONS of people to suffer alone in silence & shame.

15% of people in the WORLD have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – and millions more have digestive symptoms like gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea without a proper diagnosis or with a condition doctors don’t understand like leaky gut or Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).

They suffer alone, not knowing that there is another way to live. And they’re your friends, family, and even… YOU.

Today, you can take a stand against this by sharing Digestion SOS™ with your friends and family.

This docuseries takes a compassionate but no-nonsense approach to understanding & treating IBS, SIBO, and leaky gut with experts from both conventional and alternative approaches.

There’s no shame or tip-toeing. Just accurate information & REAL solutions to painful symptoms like gas and bloating.

But this isn’t just about getting relief from digestion problems right now…

Gut problems can be a warning sign or trigger to the most serious illnesses that humanity now faces… cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, Alzheimer’s… even Lyme Disease.

And a healthy gut can be the difference between fighting off or developing health challenges like – chronic pain, stress and anxiety disorders, depression, insomnia and chronic fatigue.

Not talking about what is going on in our gut could be what’s making our world so sick.

Digestion SOS™ is changing that. Break the stigma around digestive disease. Share this information far and wide.

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Episode 1: The Center of Everything: Understanding Your Gut & What Can Go Wrong With It

Episode 2: Why Me? The Surprising Real Causes Behind Digestive Issues
Episode 3: The Results Are In: Finding Out What You Really Have With The Right Tests
Episode 4: An Apple A Day: The Controversial Truth About What To Eat For Lifelong Health
Episode 5: Food Is Medicine: How Diet Can & Can’t Heal Digestive Disease
Episode 6: When Food Isn’t Enough: Using Rx Meds & Natural Supplements To Heal The Gut
Episode 7:  Is It All In Your Head?: The Truth About Your Brain & Gut
Episode 8:  Health Cascade: When Gut Issues Spiral Out of Control
Episode 9: Chew on This: Oral Health And Your Gut

Remember to check your email for the release schedule and put it somewhere you can see it. You’ll want to strap yourself in because this is going to be one heck of a journey.

Thanks again for spreading the word about this important series!


Shivan Sarna

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